Historic Dig at Whitsand Bay Fort

A Day to Discover English History 

Working with Hidden Heritage, this October 2018 will be the beginning to uncovering what’s hidden beneath the depths of our new holiday cottage ‘Radar Heights’. As anyone who has stayed at the Fort will know, ‘Radar Heights’ was built back in the 1920s and was used as a Radar Station to help protect the shores of Plymouth.  Buried for over 60 years, laying completely untouched are underground rooms that sit directly underneath the cottage.   

On the 20th of October 2018, we will begin excavating the area, with enthusiasts and volunteers are invited to be part of this new discovery.  We have spent time working with specialists at Whitsand Bay Fort and gaining authority to begin the deep discovery.  Identification of the stairs down to the hidden rooms have already been located and with the help of loaned machinery, so this really is a magical moment in time to watch these rooms be uncovered for generations to enjoy. 

We’re proud of our rich history, and spend every moment we can exploring our land, artefacts and restoring architecture.  A resort that is anything but modernly perfect, but quirky in layout, design and combining modern builds with Napoleonic history.   This is why we’re one of the unusual and unsuspecting beautiful areas of the country.  

Will you help us uncover this historic moment?